Horizon City Marina

The Horizon Group recently developed a world class luxury yacht marina that offers a full range of marine and yachting lifestyle services in Taiwan. Located in the heart of downtown Kaohsiung, Horizon City Marina can accommodate 40 yachts ranging in size from 40ft (12M) to 200ft (60M).

Featured in The World of Yachts, the article goes into detail about the choice of Seaflex: “A Seaflex sea anchor system — the most popular anchor system in the world – adjusts the tension with the tides to maintain the floating dock’s correct positioning at all times.
The details below the dock shouldn’t be ignored either: a well-thought out cable arrangement and convenient maintenance accesses are included in the marina’s construction frame.

Flexible cable and pipe materials that respond well to common marina vibrations were used to ensure long-term safety, and the multi-layer protection cables, which are certified by international classifications, will resist the high humidity and high salinity characteristics of the ocean environment. Horizon placed emphasis not only on the function but also the aesthetics of Horizon City Marina.”