Lake St. Louis

Seaflex helps combat drastic water level variations in exclusive marina.

Seaflex partner Tiger Docks recently installed a state-of-the-art marina, where seaflex was chosen as the mooring system to help the Lake Saint Louis Community Association remedy a long-standing problem at the main marina. The outdated and non-functional block-to-cable anchoring system that they had, couldn’t properly handle the water level fluctuation at Lake St. Louis, between the lake lowering that takes place every three years, to the overnight floods that can bring the lake up three feet or more.

Seaflex keeps the docks securely in place and prevents any damage that the previous anchoring system could not. When interviewed for a press release, Seaflex Sales Executive Mike Hylland explains that “with the water level variations that occur in Lake St. Louis, we engineered our product to perfectly fit the landscape to keep the marina from incurring any future damage when the water levels change drastically and quickly.”.

Lake St. Louis is a 600-acre private lake located in Missouri just west of St. Louis in St. Charles County. The community has approximately 14 000 residents and was established as a city in May of 1975. Besides two lakes in total, the community boasts golf courses, parks, beaches, swimming pools and tennis courts.