Langthwaite Reservoir

Using the power of the sun to provide  150 000 people with fresh water

In a part of the UK renowned for its rainfall it might seem bizarre to turn to the power of the sun, but United Utilities who are building this unique solar plant says it’s a match made in heaven, and it will help reduce water bills for customers. Richard Waggitt, Head of Renewable Energy at United Utilities, explained:  “In this case water and electricity really do mix. Solar panels are more efficient than they used to be; there is a misconception that you need high levels of sunlight, when in fact daylight is sufficient.”

The 1 MW plant features approximately 3,700 pontoon modules and 3,520 solar panels, and the power generated will be used to run the neighbouring Lancaster water treatment works, which supplies water to 152,000 people across Lancaster, Morecambe and Heysham.

Seaflex was specifically chosen to provide the best possible mooring solution for the project, which needs to handle 12 meter water level variation and wind speeds of up to 40 m/s. The Seaflex installation crew spent several days on-site assisting Northern Pontoon, another specialist company hired for the installation process. The following video shows the Seaflex crew in action together with Northern Pontoon.