With a water level variation of 35 meters (~115 feet) there was a clear need for a mooring system that could handle the large variation and still be able to keep the pontoons in a stable position.

Set to be built in the beautiful Spanish city of Lobios, this one of a kind marina immediately presented some very special challenges. The proposed installation was to be placed in a huge water reservoir, resulting in water level variations of up to 35 meters (~115 feet). Due to these unique requirements, SEAFLEX was soon decided to be the best mooring option to ensure good functionality even with the massive water level variations.

In order to handle this, engineers calculated that the site needed to use 25 meter long SEAFLEX units, the longest we have ever delivered! The plans for the marina were realized in 2010 in a joint effort with Ronautica.

This project is a good example of how a SEAFLEX system can be dimensioned to handle site-specific needs that would be almost impossible with other mooring methods.