Svanesund Marina

Located in an exposed area, this Swedish installation puts Seaflex to the test with great results.

With 70 berths spread out over almost 400 meters of concrete pontoons, this marina is fairly exposed to the environment due to its location. In 2011, 5 years after the installation, we revisited the marina and spoke with Mats Skoogberg at Svanesund Boat Club about his experience working with Seaflex and seeing it in action throughout the years since installing them.

“Before the installation of Seaflex we used railway rails at the bottom as anchors. We have quite a bit of current here and trying to moor a boat to pontoons was a nightmare with all the buoys and lines in the water! Now it’s only the current you have to consider when mooring at our marina, superb! In addition, the water level variation is 1 meter. The Seaflex moorings ensures that the pontoons travel within the water level variation and this also makes the mooring of the boats easier. The last few days we’ve had a storm with winds in the 20 m/s range and high tide and it’s a true pleasure to come down to the marina. The boats and pontoons is exactly where they are supposed to be”.

Another great benefit of using Seaflex is that the boat club members do not have to use their valuable free time to maintain moorings. “Now they have more time to spend in the boat! Also, in our case, moorings of pontoons can be done efficiently on uneven seabeds. Our outer pontoons is moored at a depth of 20-25 meters on the outside but only 7-10 meters on the inside. Seaflex is Efficient, Environmental friendly and Maintenance free”, says Mats.