Tranebergs Yacht Club

This yacht club was founded 1946 in Traneberg, Sweden and were one of the first marina installations made with Seaflex.

The marina was installed in the early 1980’s, making it one of the oldest Seaflex installations in the world. This project is a perfect example of the durability and longevity of the Seaflex mooring system if it is installed correctly from the start.

We revisited the marina in 2011, about 30 years after the installation, and found that the system is still working as intended without any issues. During ths visit, we had a chance to speak with habormaster Bosse Grönqvist, who only had good things to say about Seaflex:

“Traneberg Marina is situated in a protected location but experiences heavy swells from passing passenger boats and ferries but Seaflex has performed as designed for this location”, says Bosse. Before Seaflex was installed, conventional chain was used and this demanded a great deal of maintenance due to the corrosion of the chain. “The greatest difference between chain and Seaflex at our location is the less need of maintenance work”.

Bosse estimates the need for maintenance on Seaflex is 75 % less than on conventional chain mooring.

“Seaflex is, with a design adapted to location and correct installation, a complete alternative to other mooring systems. Above all, Seaflex is almost maintenance free”, states Bosse.

When concluding the interview, he describes the Seaflex mooring system with these words:

“Reliable, Stainless, Intelligent and Smart solution”