Tiger Docks has recently completed a major expansion to the Viridian Sailing Center installation in Arlington, Texas.

The first Viridian installation was performed in 2016, and has recently seen a major expansion to offer more berths to the sailing school. The sailing center needs to accomodate a water level variation of 17ft and 90 mph winds. Seaflex is able to stabilize and handle this full variation with no visible piles creating a modern, aesthetically pleasing marina with no visual obstructions. For this sailing center, using a SEAFLEX mooring system has the added benefit of not creating any obstacles above surface, which is important for sailing schools who wish to move their booms freely without the risk of hitting a pile.

The SEAFLEX system is always under tension between high and low water and serves a valuable technical function of aiding in the stability of the docks. 90 mph winds and a roof structure such as the one on this project create significant loads. SEAFLEX systems will not only handle these loads but will also dampen any peak loading which aids in less wear and tear on the docks themselves ensuring the longevity of the docks and anchoring for years to come.

Seaflex did a turn-key anchor install, utilizing a helix embedment anchor. It was a pleasure working with all the Tiger dock staff. From engineering to installation we worked as a team to bring the client a successful outcome.