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A new vision for Seaflex

Being an innovative company in a sometimes old-fashioned market is not without its challenges – we know this as much as anyone. Seaflex has often Read more...

Seaflex turns 30!

Even though the first official SEAFLEX installation was performed in 1981, the company – initially named Ancro Marin – was founded in 1987, 30 Read more...

Golfito Marina

Located on the southern pacific coast of Costa Rica, the luxurious Golfito Marina Village and Resort is now open for business. This ambitious $42 Read more...

Marasi Business Bay

Located along the Dubai Water Canal, Marasi Business Bay is set to become a major future landmark in Dubai. We are proud to announce that SEAFLEX Read more...

Floating Luxury Residence

The value of a professional installation. Located in Marinstaden in Stockholm, Sweden, this nearly 200 ton heavy floating luxury residence moored Read more...

Underwater room open!

The Manta Underwater Room is open for visitors on Pemba Island! The floating underwater hotel room is secured with SEAFLEX and allows guests to Read more...

Announcement: Seaflex moors underwater hotel

What began as an inspired work of installation art in a Swedish lake is now expanding to the Indian Ocean. The concept of an underwater hotel room, Read more...


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The Environment

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