FRESHER newsletter #1

The first quarterly FRESHER newsletter has been published

These newsletters, informing stakeholders about the progress of the EU-funder FRESHER, will be sent out quarterly to anyone who opts to subscribe to it through the Fresher website. The first newsletter contains three questions about the project, asked to Project Manager and Seaflex CEO Lars Brandt:

Which challenges are there in your perspective in the project?

– Currently the project, aiming at a physical installation, has to pass the permitting phase for such a site. This coordination and work has proven to be a lot of work. Most of the material is of course based on the different WP (work packages) that we successfully haven be working with in the project and already delivered. But the permitting authority is asking for additional information and process description that was initially not part of the FRESHER application.

Which potential does the project have?

– The potential for floating solar is unequivocally proven from many to be very large. There are multiple organizations and companies reiterating this fact. The organization DNV-GL has launched a process to develop what’s called “Best Practices” due to the need of getting more structure into this development of floating solar energy platforms. Already 2019 the World Bank together with an organization in Singapore “SERIS” had shown the huge development in the FPV niche market. The estimated energy asset being tapped into by this development is 4 TW. So the development that FRESHER is focused at is very highlighted in the industry and will definitely prove to be very important for the development of the FPV technology.

How does the project fit into the business development strategy of your organisation?

-Seaflex long term focus on FPV since 10 years has proved how perfectly the Project fits into our strategic development. The vision of Seaflex is to make our solution to be the global standard for sustainable mooring technology and this project is a very important link in that development.

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