Happy Holidays from Seaflex!

Another exciting year draws to an end, and we take a moment to think about the past and the future.

Since Seaflex was founded more than 30 years ago we have faced and overcome many challenges. Surviving the infancy of a new business, taking the leap to expand outside our home market and opening offices around the world. These are hurdles every international conglomerate has to face sooner or later. While it hasn’t always been easy, we have always felt confident in taking every step necessary to promote the products and services we offer because we know the value of them. When no one was talking about sustainability and cost of life, we created and promoted a product deliberately made to be environmentally friendly and sustainable.

Whenever we can, we try to explain why Seaflex is, why we exist, and why we believe so strongly in our products. The last few years, with a growing awareness of and demand for sustainable alternatives when making almost any consumer decision, our decade-old mantra of sustainability has finally become a selling point – and we are thrilled about that! Not just because it allows us to continue growing, but because we now see that the interests of the market aligns with the core values we have been promoting for so long.

Earlier this fall, we did an inspection of a 29-year-old installation that still uses the original Seaflex units despite minimal maintenance throughout the years. Besides having a great sentimental value for us as one of the first installations done by the company, it also proves that this kind of longevity is achievable.

This year, we have been focusing more than ever on the future of the Seaflex Group. We found ourselves in the middle of a rapidly growing market – floating solar. During 2018, the world-wide floating solar capacity surpassed one Gigawatt for the first time in history, half of which was installed during the first 6 months of the year! Needless to say, the interest for floating solar has increased tremendeously, very fast. This is something we believe will become more and more important for us the coming years.

We also decided to take a step back and revisit the vision of the Seaflex Group, to make sure we are setting the bar high enough. While our old vision was ambitious enough we felt it was time to shift into next gear. The new vision for Seaflex is exactly what we need to keep pushing ourselves to the limit and keep developing new ideas, products and services that will benefit our customers, partners and the environment.

As the calendar flips its final page and we enter into a new year, we look fondly on the history of Seaflex proud of how far we have come. But even more so, we look with great anticipation and optimism on the future.

From all of us at Seaflex, to all of you, Happy Holidays!

See you in 2019!


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