Seaflex turns 30!

Even though the first official SEAFLEX installation was performed in 1981, the company – initially named Ancro Marin – was founded in 1987, 30 years ago this year!

As we are heading into the next year, we take this opportunity to celebrate Seaflex turning 30 years and reflecting on the history of the world’s leading flexible mooring company. Throughout the years, we have seen many changes.

The company has grown from a small, two-person business operating out of a garage to the globally active Seaflex Group working all over the world in several languages. The one thing that has been constant is the core values of Seaflex, which we believe is one key reason why Seaflex has continued to grow over the years.

The products have seen several changes throughout the years, most notably when introducing the patented Bypass system that makes the SEAFLEX units even stronger, as well as the titanium-hybrid models that are even more resistant against corrosion. One of the main arguments for using SEAFLEX is the fact that the system is very environmentally friendly compared to other alternatives, and this is something that we continually strive to improve even more.

We feel that sustainability is at last becoming an important topic and something that we can now present even more when talking to our customers, even if the ideal has been with us from the beginning.

Green environment Seaflex

The industry has also changed immensely. When Seaflex started out, mooring was either chain or piles in almost every situation. Through hard work and – of course – a high-quality product that works, we can now proudly say that Seaflex is a well-known name in the mooring industry for larger commercial marinas and similar floating structures.

Speaking of “similar floating structures”, we have seen a big increase in interest for using SEAFLEX to moor more unique structures. We have expanded our expertise and project portfolio to now be able to offer tried and proven high-quality mooring for applications such as floating ferry terminals, underwater hotels, seaplane terminals, luxury residences and entire neighborhoods on water!


We have also been able to be a part of several studies, some of them EU-funded, in the fast-growing renewable energy sector, where SEAFLEX is now scientifically proven to be a great option to work with. We have also done several hands-on projects, such as the Waves4Power project that was inaugurated by the king of Norway a few months back. Using SEAFLEX to moor floating solar panels has also been a popular theme, since some studies have found that placing these panels on water makes them more efficient due to the natural cooling from the water.

More information about the history of Seaflex can be found under the history section on this website. We hope that Seaflex will be around for another 30 years, with even more innovation, new products, new markets and more amazing projects all around the world!

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for an amazing 2017, and wish you all Happy Holidays. Following our long-standing tradition, in lieu of sending out small christmas goodies to our customers and suppliers, we have chosen to donate to Doctors Without Borders.

See you in 2018!


Lars Brandt, CEO

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