The 40-year-old mooring

This Seaflex unit has been in use for more than 40 years!

Recently, we were visited at Seaflex HQ by Roger Eriksson, bringing in a Seaflex unit that he felt might be getting a bit old to see if it should be replaced. Little did we know we would be looking at Seaflex history in real life.

Bought and installed in 1978, this first-edition Seaflex has been used year-round at a private residence in Malmön just outside of Örnsköldsvik, Sweden for a mooring buoy. This means that the Seaflex unit has been used for 42 years, making it the oldest commercially sold Seaflex unit in the world that is still in use to our knowledge!

Roger Eriksson tells us that he has never had to perform any maintenance on the unit, the reason for bringing it in was simply because the separately purchased shackle connecting the unit to the buoy had broken. When asking if we would recommend replacing the entire unit due to its age, we conducted an inspection and confirmed that despite closing in on half a century of continuous use, it was still fully functional and there was no reason to replace it.

This specific type of Seaflex unit can be traced back to a time when they were packaged in plastic bags and sold over the counter in various stores around Sweden.

Seaflex in bag

Seaflex CEO Lars Brandt was fascinated when seeing this “blast from the past”.

“Much has changed during the last 40 years. The latest generation of Seaflex mooring does not look much like its predecessor, but at the core it still is – and always will be – the same product.

While some would say that a piece of Seaflex history such as this belongs on the wall rather than underwater, it is with a great sense of pride we send it back to its natural habitat, looking forward to revisit it in another 10 years and updating the world record once again.”


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