The original intention of the SEAFLEX system was to secure floating docks/pontoons for marinas in the 1980’s. Marina application development was derived from the use of SEAFLEX as an alternative to the traditional mooring method of using chain and piles.

Any size

Marinas continue to be the most common use of SEAFLEX to this day, with thousands of installations worldwide proving the many benefits of using the SEAFLEX elastic mooring system. SEAFLEX has continued to develop throughout the years to currently offer a spectrum of different units; from single-hawser models used for smaller residential docks up to ten-hawser units heavy-duty enough to secure huge wave attenuators.

Any location

SEAFLEX can also be used when other mooring solutions are simply impossible, such as locations where the seabed is sensitive to the damaging effects of dragging chains. The aesthetically pleasing effect of using the underwater SEAFLEX mooring rather than piles, combined with the elastic and dampening characteristics of our mooring system that prevents seabed damages normally caused by dragging chains shows that SEAFLEX is a mooring system with many advantages.

Any challenge

Since SEAFLEX is customized to your site-specific needs, we can accomodate almost any type of environmental variables. We have experience mooring applications with up to 35 meter (~115 feet) water level variation and 90 meter (~300 feet) depth. If you are thinking about building a marina in an area which experiences extreme environmental aspects of this type, please don’t hesitate to contact us for a free consultation.

To find out more about why you should choose SEAFLEX for your marina instead of other mooring solutions, please read this.

Adhering to industry standards

Originally marina building in the Swedish market was done and based on experience and none of the original projects had any type of engineering, design and quality assurance. Seaflex realized early on that these parts of project development are crucial for a high quality solution. Soon thereafter, the Australian Standard and other peer-reviewed, reliable engineering methods where adopted and integrated into the SEAFLEX engineering process.

Later on, the now globally used JFlex application was developed by us in order to facilitate the use of these standards in the definition and design of SEAFLEX moored marina projects. Our goal has always been to make it as easy as possible to define a SEAFLEX solution based on given standards.

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