Wave attenuators

Seaflex is frequently utilized for mooring floating wave attenuators in various environments around the world.

A floating wave attenuator is typically placed around a marina, working as a protective shield against the incoming waves. A majority of the wave energy is reflected back to sea, which lowers the wave height on the lee side. This ensures safety and comfort inside the marina.

A floating wave attenuator can be enormous; several meters wide and hundreds of meters long. It is being acted upon by several forces of nature that are not to be underestimated. Seaflex ensures that the wave attenuator can operate safely and efficient even in the worst hurricane conditions.

Seaflex provides a flexible mooring both horizontally and vertically. Typically, there are two major forces that the mooring system needs to take care of when mooring a wave attenuator. The horizontal drag force due to waves hitting the sides, and the vertical lift force due to the waves lifting the wave attenuator.

Typically projects of this magnitude are very complex and require heavy machinery to be installed – Seaflex on the other hand provides an affordable and efficient solution for wave attenuators.

The Seaflex way

  • Standard solutions – But uniquely designed by Seaflex engineers for each project to optimize the solution based on site specific data
  • Easy installation
  • Handles extreme forces in a dampening way
  • Ensures longevity

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