Wave Energy Converters – WEC

With the increased demand of environmentally friendly energy production, Seaflex is at the forefront of optimizing wave energy converters.

A very important and interesting development has been taking place around the world during recent years. There has been an increased interest in harnessing energy from other resources than those contributing to CO2 emissions. One of these technologies is the use and conversion of waves into electric energy. There have been many theoretical and experimental projects over the years, and we are now seeing many of these developing into very interesting real life applications. Seaflex have been involved in several of these projects, contributing with expertise regarding an optimal mooring solution.

There are now more than 100 different projects on its way and Seaflex is always looking to support each of these as much as possible. We are especially invested in the Waves4Power project, where we have been a strategic partner since the start.

Seaflex increases efficiency

During 2012 Seaflex was given the opportunity to join a EU funded development project called Geowave, as one of three SME (Small Medium Enterprise) companies. The goal of this project is to further develop the use of WEC, maximize effectiveness and optimize all connection points in the system.

One important conclusion from the Geowave project is that using SEAFLEX to secure the WEC reduced the maximal load on the mooring lines by 70% due to the unique characteristics of the SEAFLEX mooring system.

For more information about Geowave and the results from the study, please visit the official website.

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